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  1. Power Purchase Agreements – the solar financier raises the necessary Tax Equity and other capital, develops and maintains the project, and charges a pre-set fee per unit of en- ergy ($/kWh). Historically, this option has been lim- ited to highly rated-credit entities based on a 20-year contract. SEIA recently refined the standard indus- try PPA, greatly simplifying the transactional process.
  2. Operating Lease – Operating Lease structures allow for quick ownership of the solar asset and can provide the Tax Equity necessary to monetize the tax benefits.
  3. Self-finance – Companies that have available financing, tax appetite, and the right economic drivers can self-finance a system, sometimes backed with bank debt supported by the system assets.
  4. Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) - Commercial PACE, or C-PACE, is available in 19 states + DC currently, with more state programs in development. PACE financing is tied to the property, not the end-user or property owner. Therefore, it’s not reliant on the owner’s creditworthiness. 

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